We offer (Mechanical Joint Integrity) MJI Training Course along with an e-learning MJI course and MJI Blended Course.

We will provide you the best online platform & classroom learning with the knowledge & practical skills needed for all Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) mechanisms.

‘Torque tightening is a specialist skill. Only trained and competent personnel should undertake torque tightening, and they should use equipment which is correctly maintained and calibrated.’

ECITB Approved MJI Courses

The ECITB has the following MJI training standards:

  • MJI-01 Mechanical Joint Integrity First Principles
  • MJI-10 Hand Torqued Flange Bolted Connections
  • MJI-11 Hand Torqued Clamp Connectors
  • MJI-18 Hydraulically Tensioned Bolted Connections
  • MJI-19 Hydraulically Torqued Bolted Connections
  • MJI-20 Hydraulically Torqued Clamp Connectors